Dry, Damaged Hair? Your Favorite Upton Salon Is Here to Help!

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Let’s face it; dry, damaged hair is stressful. Faced with unruly frizz, straw-like appearances, and so on, the decision to chop it off and start over often crosses one’s mind. But before making a drastic choice, a trip to your Upton salon could be all of the help you need. Here, The Hair Studio provides you with a few easy fixes to take back control of those unhealthy locks!


Use a hair mask.

While shampoo and conditioner are daily essentials, so is a weekly hair mask treatment. With ingredients like shea butter, coconut and avocado oils, you will have smoother, shinier hair in no time. Besides, well-hydrated hair is easier to manage and less likely to break!


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Minimize the heat.

If your strands are already dry, the worst thing you could do is apply heat. Whether blow dryer or straight iron, these sources of heat cause significant damage. If there is no avoiding the tools, be sure to protect your hair from damage with a heat protectant.


Brush gently.

Brushing is a daily routine that most of us go about all wrong. For example, did you know that you should always start from the bottom and work your way up? Going the opposite direction pushes knots and snarls downward, resulting in an ugly clump that you’ll be forced to fight your way through. Such actions result in hair breakage and loss. No thanks.


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Give your favorite Upton salon a call to schedule a trim.

Now that you have the knowledge to keep your hair looking fabulous at home, it’s time to give the team at The Hair Studio a call! A simple fix that many all too often forget is a regular cut! Keeping you on track with healthy ends, frequent cuts help minimize breakage and split ends as well.


As the number one Upton salon, The Hair Studio team looks forward to helping you regain control of those strands! Whether it’s a simple trim or intense conditioning that your hair requires, our professionals will tame the crazy and make you feel beautiful once again!


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