4 Ways to Minimize Chlorine Damage

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Whether you are sunbathing on a pink float or pool partying with your pals, Chlorine is doing what it does best – drying out your hair. Summertime is one of the toughest times on your hair and when it is most at risk for damage and breakage. As the number on Upton salon, The Hair Studio is here to make sure that your hair is healthy and shining no matter what season it is. Our mission is not to apply a cookie-cutter beauty creed, but to provide each client with an enhanced version of themselves – polished and confident. 

Here are some tips on reducing chlorine damage this summer!


Hydrate with a Capital H

Adding hydration to your hair is one of the best ways to keep your hair healthy. Use a deep conditioning treatment or use natural oils to add and lock in the moisture your hair desperately needs. Regardless of the moisturizing method that works best for you, make sure you are diligent by taking time once a week to property rehydrate your hair.



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Hair Style Matters

If you think how you wear your hair doesn’t make a difference in its health then think again! We know that the messy buns or high ponies are cute but anytime your hair is getting tangled it is at higher risk for breakage. Instead, try styles that will protect your hair such as braids or twist knots. 


Avoid Heat at All Costs

It’s tempting to want to curl your hair for a fun outing or turn on your blow dryer when your hair isn’t drying fast enough. But using heat on your hair especially after being in chlorine is the easiest way to damage your hair. Rather, opt for heatless curling methods and allow your hair to air dry after you shower. If you absolutely have to use heat, try to wait a few days after being in chlorine and always use a heat protector.


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Don’t Use Shampoo Before You Swim

Strangely enough, most shampoos have a negative reaction when they come in contact with Chlorine. This reaction amplified the damage to your hair making it brittle and causing unwanted breakage. Instead, wait to wash your hair until after you’ve gone swimming so that you can wash the Chlorine out right away! 



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