Trending Summer 2022 Haircuts in Northbridge

hair cuts northbridgeIt’s almost summer here in New England, and that means it’s time for fresh haircuts in Northbridge! If you’re looking for some haircut-inspo, our stylists at The Hair Studio can help you decide what cut is right for your face. Whether you need a fresh ’do that’s totally new, or you’re just looking for a late-spring trim, now is the perfect time to get one. Here are a few trending haircuts that we’re excited about for summer!

hairdresser near me1. Long-Layered Look

This look will undoubtedly be the most requested in the salons this summer. Sometimes called the “shag” or the “octopus haircut”, the truth remains: long layers are definitely in for spring and summer! For a finishing touch, ask for a curtain fringe, which hits lower around the cheekbones for a softer, more chic look.

hair salon near me2. “Bixie”

The pixie is back, and this year, we’re seeing what some have dubbed the “bixie”, a cross between a bob and a pixie. It’s basically the best of both worlds with a little more texture than a bob, but not a cropped-short look of a pixie. 

Quick tip: Before blow drying, create volume and weightless texture with a root-lifting spray or a texture spray. 

hairdresser near me3. The Lob 

Of course, back by popular demand is the lob. For those who don’t want to fully commit to a bob, the lob is the perfect in-between cut. 

hair cuts whitinsville4. The Bob

However, the bob isn’t going anywhere fast, and this is particularly true of short, curly bobs. Regardless of which length you decide on, we know you can rock it!

whitinsville salon5. Whatever You Want!

That’s right, in the end, the best trending haircut is the one that works best for you! This summer is for those who want to go out on a limb and try something new, as well as for those who want to stick to what they love best. 


Haircuts in Northbridge – What’s Your Style?

Whether short, long, curly, or straight, hairstyles come and go, but your hair is uniquely you! Not sure which style is right for you? Our expert stylists can help you decide on any style or color to bring out the best in your summer ’do.


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