4 Winter Hair Tips From Your Uxbridge Salon

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Gone are the warm sunny days of summer. Although many of us take the sun for granted, it provides several nutrients essential for hair health. So, here we are in winter, having to roll up our sleeves and put in a little more effort to maintain that luscious hair. As the number one Uxbridge salon, our family at The Hair Studio is here to keep things simple, which is why this article is a must read!


Forget about stressing over dry, brittle winter hair with these four easy steps.


Let’s talk about heat.

No, not the heat of summer. Yes, we miss that too. Instead, let’s focus on the indoor heat of your styling products and shower. Yes, your shower water matters. During the winter, as much as we love hopping into a steamy hot shower, this temperature can strip your hair! So if you must keep the temp high, consider pinning up your hair.

Likewise, the temperature of your blow dryer and flat iron should also be considered. If possible, skip them altogether. If you’re shaking your head thinking ‘no way,’ be sure to invest in a high-quality heat protectant.


Keep up with your cuts!

It’s easy to forget things during the winter or just put them to the side as you cozy up to the fire with a good book. However, when it comes to regular trims and cuts, please keep them a priority. If you don’t book your next appointment while you’re at the salon, be sure to set yourself a reminder to give The Hair Studio a call every 4-6 weeks!


Stay hydrated.

One of the most significant factors in hair health is hydration. Directly impacting your hair, staying hydrated is a must – any time of the year. Did you know that when you are dehydrated, your hair growth slows? It’s true!


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Condition and then deep condition.

Even though you’re staying hydrated, your hair needs a little extra TLC during the cold season. Provide the attention it needs by never skipping out on conditioning! Further, do your hair a solid and deep condition once a week. If you’re not sure which conditioner to go with, feel free to give our professionals a call for a little helpful advice!


Healthy Hair at Our Uxbridge Salon

Instead of struggling through the winter season, hating your hair, follow these easy steps! And remember, staying on top of your cuts is a must! Our Uxbridge salon can help you keep your hair flawless and healthy this season.  Contact The Hair Studio today to schedule your appointment by calling (508) 234-7113.

We look forward to making your winter season a beautiful one!