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Yoga Classes

Unleash your inner zen and increase your overall wellness with Massachusetts yoga classes at Studio East. Our classes are designed to promote flexibility, balance, and mental strength with a powerful blend of yoga practices, meditation and breathwork. Connect your mind and body with the growing community at Uxbridge’s newest yoga studio, Studio East.

New Student Special

$30 – 2 weeks of classes,
limited to 1 a day

Meaning ‘to flow,’ this class seamlessly integrates and flows from one pose to another, working on strength, while focusing on breath work to our movements. Here, we create balance in mind and body. Vinyasa is geared towards all levels.

A slow flow yoga, peaceful and relaxing but great for building strength and flexibility. This class is great for beginners but is loved by everyone.

A relaxing slow flow yoga. We will focus on a handful of poses in this class, learning how to use props to figure out how to stay in these poses for longer periods of time. This class is for everybody.
This 45-minutes Barre express class is great for when you don’t have a lot of time but want to feel the burning, cardio, stretching that you get in a full class. You will have so much fun toning your body in this high energy class!

This 60-minute low-impact, combo class for all levels will give you the perfect mix of barre and sculpt, building both muscular endurance and strength. You’ll walk out of class feeling stronger, more toned and accomplished.

BootyBarre is a fun class with upbeat music that incorporates ballet barres. It is a perfect combination of ballet, strength, and flexibility, combined into a cardio format without jumping or impact on joints.

Train like an Athlete. A total body, 40 minute workout, combining dumbbell strength training and body weight speed and agility drills. HIIT workouts can improve your cardiovascular endurance and burn calories in a short amount of time! All levels welcome.

Powerful, full body strength training, using dumbbells or resistance bands. This workout is performed in a stack on pyramid format. You will do each exercise for 30 seconds, adding on moves as you climb up the pyramid. Modifications for all levels.

A number of circuit training stations that will take you through a series of both strength training and cardio full body movements that will have you sweating and your muscles burning! Modifications for all levels!


Yoga Policies



  • Sign up for class online below to secure your spot, or you can drop in. Drop in is first come first serve. Please note: Online sign-up closes 15 minutes before class to avoid confusion with walk-ins.
  • All students must have their own accounts, and cannot reserve two spots for a class on one account.
  • You can cancel a class sign up, up to 2 hours in advance. The class will go back on your pass or back into your account to use at a later date. No refunds will be provided. If you do not cancel your class prior to 2 hours in advance then you will be charged for that class session since we cannot lose the spot. If you have an unlimited pass, intro, monthly, or year pass and sign up for class but do not show up or cancel within 2 hours, then you will be charged $15 for a late cancel fee from the credit card we have on file, no exceptions.
  • If nobody has signed up for a class, the class will be canceled 1 hour before class is scheduled to begin. If you are looking to drop in to a class it is highly recommended to check online to see if the class is still scheduled or has been canceled.
  • To Cancel a class, or to update account info you can access your account by clicking on the “My Account”button in the below widget.
  • New students can create an account by clicking the “My Account”button to fill out our waiver. Must be 16 years of age to attend, if under 18 parents must sign a waiver for the child and use the child’s email since two accounts cannot have the same email. ALL students must have their own email and unique password.
    • Existing students already have an account, if you don’t know your password simply click forgot password to reset it. Please do not create a new account if you have been to the center before
    • To sign up, scroll down, click the widget, and choose the class you wish to sign up for. (Only one spot can be reserved per student per class, so all students must reserve their own spots and have their own accounts with their own email and password, no shared accounts).
    • We start class on time and if you show up late, we cannot accommodate and cannot refund you for missing class or coming late. If you sign up in advance and are late you run the risk of losing the spot to a walk-in member, so please arrive on time for class.
    • In the event of snow or ice please cancel one hour prior to class if you do not plan on coming so that we can see who plans on coming to class and cancel the class if needed. If you do not cancel one hour before class we assume you still plan on coming.

Yoga Pricing

Drop In- $15
5 Class Pass- $65
10 Class Pass- $120
20 Class pass- $200
Monthly Autopay (3 month minimum) – 1 Class a day- $100
One Month – 1 Class a day- $120