Blue Vs. Purple: Your Favorite Upton Salon Has the Inside Scoop

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Chances are, you’ve heard of purple shampoo at some point. However, have you heard of blue shampoo? What’s the difference? Can they be mixed? If you’re not sure, no worries! Your favorite Upton Salon, The Hair Studio is here to set the record straight, unveiling the answer to all the colorful shampoo questions you may have!



Purple shampoo

Purple shampoo is formulated using colored pigments that help to maintain lightened hair. If you’ve ever highlighted, foiled, gotten a balayage treatment or ombre, even if you’re gone full out blonde, you know that with time, dreading yellow tone will take over. However, purple shampoo removes the yellow keeping silvers silvers, whites white, and platinums platinum!



Blue shampoo

And then, there’s blue shampoo. Formulated in a similar manner, the blue pigments help to tone the color and remove brassiness. While purple shampoo if for blondes, blue shampoo is for brunettes or other naturally dark haired beauties.


Beyond color correction, these shampoos rock your investment

Let’s face it; it’s not cheap being beautiful. Your hair is an investment! From the cut to style, the products to the upkeep, protecting your hair is a must, and these two shampoos will do just that. Many brands of purple and blue shampoos will help to preserve 90% of your color for up to 8 weeks!


What about brown hair with blonde highlights?

Good question! Knowing what you now know, the obvious answer would be to mix the two formulas together and have an all-in-one solution. However, you’ll want to choose one shampoo to begin.

If you’re more focused on the blonde, start with a purple shampoo. If you’re more concerned with removing a brassy undertone, start with the blue formula. Once you’re desired results are achieved, you can begin experimenting with the second shampoo.


How often do I shampoo with these formulas?

Depending on how you choose to wash, the recommended use can vary. For instance, if you mix the blue or purple formulas with your regular shampoo, it’s safe to use this every day. The minimal amount will avoid extreme results that you may get with straight daily use.

If you’re using these formulas alone, you need to start slow. Start by using the shampoo once a week to see how your hair reacts. If you’re happy with the results, keep going! If you’re not getting the result that you hoped for gradually increase the days. Word of caution – overuse of blue shampoo can leave your hair darker than you may want!


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And there you have it – the foundation of understanding the differences between blue and purple shampoos! Depending on your color, undertones, and desired results, the combination of usage is easily customized to help you maintain at-home results for weeks.

As a premier Upton salon, our team at The Hair Studio is here to answer any of your questions! If you’re not sure which to use or how often to use the shampoo, just ask!

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