Plopping: The Best Kept Secret For Tamed Curls

For those born with the luscious curly locks that many of us desire, daily cursing is often part of the morning routine. Lucky for you, our team at The Hair Studio is here to take the stress away. Unruly manes are our passion at your favorite Uxbridge salon. Whether your frizz is caused by damage or the wrong drying technique, we have the solution you’ll love. Plopping.

Plopping: a specific technique applied with precise timing somewhere between the wet and dry stage of your newly washed hair. Sounds easy, right? We promise it is and that you’ll love your results.


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Plopping defined.


If you’ve never heard of plopping, we will put money on the fact you’ve heard of towel-dying your hair. Plopping is a fun new term for the very old technique of towel (or t-shirt) drying your wet locks. Yes, the secret is out. But as you know, nothing is ever that easy.

Meant for curly or wavy hair, plopping is just that –plopping your wet locks into a towel, twisted on the top of your head. This technique requires a mere 10-20 minutes of your time and very little more. Thus, this effortless twist saves stress and time as you continue your morning routine while your hair is twisted up.




How are you brushing?


What many of our curly-haired friends don’t realize is that brushing needs to happen in the shower. With a wide-tooth comb, gently brush your conditioned hair in the shower. Resist the temptation to run your brush through your hair outside of the shower! Doing so will unravel your natural curls and encourage frizz. The only exception to fussing with your hair after the fact is to apply your favorite defining product or leave-in treatment.


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Plopping is amazing, but not a cure-all.


While we can’t express how much we love plopping for natural curls, we need to focus on damage too. All too often, at-home coloring or over-processed hair leaves behind miles of damage. With curly or wavy hair, damage often comes in the shape of dehydration or split ends. These two ailments need to be addressed before you can count on taming that mane!

If you’re not sure where to start, give our team a call. We’d love to schedule a consultation to assess your current hair condition and create for revitalization!


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Okay, let’s get back to plopping.


Assuming our hair is healthy, combed in the shower, and ready for plopping – let’s move on to the good stuff. Using a towel, flip your hair upside down and place it in the center.

Wrap, twist, and tuck.

If you have a microfiber towel, these tend to work best by significantly reducing drying times. Regardless, tuck it and leave it. For thinner hair, start with ten minutes. However, thicker curls may require twenty minutes. There is no right answer here, you’ll have to experiment to find your perfect plopping time. You’ll know you have it right when you remove the towel and have curl perfection! Gently apply your product and leave it alone!



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For more information on coloring damage and how to bring your hair back to a healthy state, contact your favorite Uxbridge salon, The Hair Studio at 508-234-7113.