Prep Your Skin for Spring with Your Favorite Esthetician 

There are plenty of reasons why you should get a facial, and the winter season is always a good one! After the cold New England winter, you may find that your skin needs a recharge. Hit that refresh button with a facial from The Hair Studio! Stop searching for the best ‘esthetician near me’ and delve into your best self with our team!


Here are a few reasons to get your skin ready for spring with a facial treatment from The Hair Studio.


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Say Goodbye to Dry Skin

While a cleanser with an exfoliant does wonders for your skin, there’s nothing like a facial treatment. Facials offer a more profound exfoliation process. Estheticians will clean skin and scrub away dead skin cells, any dirt and debris from clogged pores, and clean up acne. Professional exfoliation will leave your dry and dull skin radiant and glowing for spring! 


Squeaky Clean

You may think you’ve done a good job with your drugstore cleanser. But if you take a closer look, you’ll find dirt and grime buildup from the outdoor elements and any makeup. Your esthetician will most likely use a hydrating cleanser during the winter months to quench your dry skin and wipe away the dirt. Your pores will thank you! 


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Total Hydration

Did we mention hydration? New England Winters are your skin’s enemy—cold and dry wind makes your skin feel dry and flaky. Add a barrier of protection with a hydrating mask. The second-to-last step in any facial, a facial mask closes the pores while focusing on color-pigmentation, anti-aging, acne, and more.


R & R

Need we say more? Relaxation is key with any spa service, and you won’t want to miss an excuse to relax and clean your face all at once. As part of any facial treatment, you will receive a face, arms, neck, and shoulders massage. It doesn’t get better than that!


Spring Refresh: Esthetician Near Me 

Book your next winter refresh at The Hair Studio! We offer a variety of services like hair styling, hair treatments, facials, and more! Give us a call at (508) 234-7113 to schedule your appointment. Visit our Facebook page for updates!