It’s Hot Out There! Stay Cool With These Summer-Approved Styles

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It doesn’t seem that Mother Nature is quite sure about what she wants to do this summer season. From rain to scorching heat, humidity has taken over. As the number on Whitinsville salon, our stylists at The Hair Studio are here to help (of course)!

From morning plopping to tame curls to these stylist-approved hairstyles, we got you covered! Regardless of the day, the weather, or the occasion, these styles will keep you cool and looking fantastic!


When hot, we swim.

Okay, maybe we don’t all have the luxury of swimming every time the heat turns up, but we do have accessibility to water. Whether out of the shower or from a spray bottle, the wet look is easy, effortless, and will undoubtedly keep you cool.

While your hair is damp, simply comb it back to a mid or low bun. Depending on your hair type, applying a shaping cream could be beneficial for an all day hold. Finish by lightly spraying your hair to set your strands in place.


Messy buns for the win.

Okay, before we begin here, we’ll admit that messy buns can get ugly. Throwing your hair up in a pony and hoping for the best is just not acceptable. A glamourous messy bun involves time, care, and precision. So, yes, it will take a few minutes, but you’ll love the result. We promise.

Start with your hair in a high pony. Grab the loose strands and work your magic! The messier, the better, but remember, repeating the bun process and adding texture will leave you looking like you strategically placed every piece of hair. Finish your look by pulling a strand or two from each side in the front. Add some wave, and you’re good to go!


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Redefining the pony.

There is no simpler style than the classic ponytail. However, this one isn’t making the list. Instead, we’re redefining the pony by giving it a twist. Start by pulling your hair into a loose, low ponytail. Separate a portion above the elastic and pull the pony up and through the top. Viola, you have a twist! For an added bonus, using a small strand of the pony, wrap it around the base of your ponytail, hiding the elastic and creating an even more appealing look.


Here at The Hair Studio, we’re always coming up with new ways to keep you look your best! Whether visiting our Whitinsville salon or styling your hair on the go, these ideas are quick and cool! However, if you’re looking for a bigger change, give us a call at (508) 234-7113 to schedule your appointment!