It’s That Time of Year Where We Talk Sun Damage!

Summer is here and for all of you who love getting soaking up the rays, skin protection is important! As the top esthetician in Northbridge, our team at Studio East realizes that avoiding harmful UV rays isn’t always a reality. So, instead, we’re focusing on ways to help get that bronzed glow without prematurely aging your skin. But on the same note, did you know that –

Even during the winter months when the snow is deep, the sun’s rays can still damage your skin!


Crazy to think that as you walk bundled up and chilled to the bone you should still be worrying about UV damage. But, it’s true. Now that you know, here’s what to do about it.


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What’s so bad about the sun anyway?

Honestly, nothing is bad about the sun. In fact, there are several benefits obtained from natural sunlight and the vitamin D it provides to the body. And if you didn’t know – New Englanders are among some of the top in the country to consistently report vitamin D deficiencies. A few symptoms of this include fatigue, poor sleep, muscle and bone pain, and depression. 

So when you have a natural way to feel good, why not take advantage of it?


It’s important to note that what is “bad” is too much sun exposure. Everything in moderation, right? Extensive exposure to the sun can lead to uneven pigmentation within the skin, white spots, brown spots, and worst of all – a severe decrease in collagen. Since many of us hit the age where collagen supplements are part of our daily routine, why offset the hard work you’ve done? 


Do yourself a favor and protect that beautiful skin!

The old cliche of staying away from direct sunlight is the best protection is, well, true in a way. But we get it – who’s going to do this during the summer? Being in the sun is inevitable, so here are a few ways to best protect yourself when heading outdoors:


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    • Invest in great sun protection! These days, there are so many choices for skin protection there is truly no reason not to apply your sunscreen before heading outside. Sensitive skin? Check out formulas free from parabens and other unnecessary chemicals and designed for more delicate skin, like your face.
    • Always have a hat handy. From beach days to days spent in the garden, having a baseball cap or sunhat nearby is an instant shade for your face that may have reached its limit. Same goes for your body – coverups, t-shirts, and such ensure exposed areas a break when outside for long periods of time.
    • The after matters too. Even when you take all the right precautions, what you do after heading indoors certainly plays a big part in maintaining your skin. Remember to moisturize, moisturize, moisture! And, a little extra TLC from aloe and vitamins e and c go a long way during the summer.


At Studio East, we take pride in being the top esthetician in Northbridge! From facials to advice, we have your beautiful face covered! Give us a call today to schedule an appointment and keep your skin on track!