The Hottest Haircuts for 2020

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If you’re looking for a Northbridge hairdresser, you’ve come to the right place. As the premier Northbridge salon, our team at The Hair Studio is a group of the finest stylists around. Because we hold ourselves to the highest expectations, we are continuously raising the limits on the services we provide.  However, offering our clients a wide range of services involves staying on top of the latest trends.  Not only because we want you looking your very best, but also because new techniques are always evolving!

In this article, we’re taking a look into some of the hottest haircuts stylists are expecting to see throughout 2020!



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A forever classic, the pixie comes in endless variations, which is perfect for 2020.  This year, we’re seeing shorter than usual and longer than normal pixies! Thus, a perfect solution for most folks.  This easy to manage style is super modern and a perfect way to bring a fresh start to your year.




One Length Cuts

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Hair that’s one length tends to look clean and, quite frankly, blunt.  The most common one length cut is the bob.  However, you don’t have to go crazy and chop away your beautiful locks to maintain a one length haircut. In fact, this cut is easily achieved by creating blunt accent pieces around the face.  This look is about the structure and being polished.  Combined with products that add shine, you’ll be turning heads everywhere you go!


Chin Length Hair

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Whether your locks are one length or ten,  if it’s chin length, then you’re trending! Previous years have brought us “the longer, the better” vibe with hair length extending to the lower back.  However, this spring, it’s time to start fresh and chop away! Curl your ends under or flip them up – this fun cut leaves room for any style suiting your mood!



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Long bangs or short straight bangs – the choice is yours.  Either way, if you’re rocking the bangs this year you’ll be turning heads! Depending on the type of your hair and frame of your face, your Northbridge hairdresser can help you decide which look is most flattering.



Whether you’re looking for a new style this year or searching for a Northbridge hairdresser to maintain your current cut, the team at The Hair Studio has you covered.  With decades of experience and industry knowledge, our team is here to help you achieve your best look!

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